Eating to Recover

Eating to Recover and Gain Muscle

Have you ever worked out and experienced muscle fatigue, cramps, or dizziness?  These can be caused by a number of things but most likely come from not eating to recover.  You need to start planning your post workout meals so you can get the proper nutrition after your workout.  Your muscles start absorbing nutrients right […]

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How to Read Nutrition Labels and Why You Need to!

What’s really in the food you eat?  Go down the aisle at any store and you see some consumers reading nutrition labels. They want to know how to read nutrition labels easily and effectively so they know what they are eating.  If you want to eat a healthy diet then you need to make informed food choices. […]

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How Meal Planning Helps You Stay Healthy.

Many people start a diet and after losing weight they quickly gain the weight back.  They never plan, eating whatever and whenever they want.  Without accountability and discipline it is easy to see why they fail at sticking to a diet.  Meal planning helps you stay healthy and never go off your diet.   Your meal planning doesn’t […]

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Your Sexiest Bod ever with the Eat Clean Lifestyle

The eat clean lifestyle has transformed the way people have trained for the past several years.   Fitness and strength athletes have gotten ripped in bodybuilding competitions with it.  Gymnasts and high school football players depend on good nutrition to give them performance and energy to excel at their activity. At first glance, there doesn’t seem to be much […]

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What is the Proper Diet for Fitness?

People today are more conscious about their diet and fitness than they were in the past. Many are wanting to sculpt their bodies to get that magazine-cover look.  That is why so many gyms and fitness centers have shown up to fill the need of these people.  You can find exercise machines, and weight loss products and they are making their way to […]

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3 Things You Need to Know About Carbs Today!

Do you get cravings?  What do you crave?  Many people who get cravings believe all they crave are carbs, but if you look at the foods you crave you may be surprised to learn that the foods you crave contain more calories from fats than carbs.   The dietary guidelines say nearly half of our calories […]

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