How to Fit Daily Physical Exercise in Your Schedule!

Exercise is crucial to our health, but it is challenging to find time to do it daily.  The world is a busy place and it seems there are not enough hours in the day to get everything done that we need to do.

Let me give you some tips to help you make time for exercise that fits your lifestyle.


Moms Need Exercise Too!


Watching small children is a job in itself; it can be challenging to find the time and energy to fit exercise in your schedule.  Try these tips:


  • Walk your child to school.


  •  If you live far from the school, park and walk from a short distance.


  •  This gives you and your child regular activity together.


  • If your gym has a nursery you can take your child with you.  You get your work-out and your child gets to socialize and play with other children.


  • Take your child to a park or swimming pool.


Office Workers


Office workers leading a sedentary lifestyle find it challenging to work-out during the day.  This lifestyle makes exercise crucial to prevent weight gain.  Try introducing new routines into your day.


  • Take a walk after lunch.


  • Walk or cycle to work.


  • Set aside time when you get off work.


Starting a fitness routine will make you feel better, more alert, and energized.


Home Workers


Do you work from home?  You do not need to go far from home to get your daily exercise.  Start adding easy tricks into your schedule.


  • Take a short walk when you take a break.
  • Get a home fitness or yoga DVD.
  • 20 minutes is easy to schedule into your day.


No matter what lifestyle you lead, physical and mental health depend on regular exercise.    What other ways do you get daily work-out in?


Exercise doesn’t have to be hard and can be fun.  This is a way of life with me!  If you are ready to begin a fitness routine for a healthier life and amazing results, connect with me to find out how you may get me as your accountability coach.


By:  Moraima Buonafede