Fitness Tips That Will Help You Get in the Best Shape

Getting started as a fitness coach, I learned making a healthy lifestyle change doesn’t have to be unbearable.  It may help you reduce your stress.  Keeping fit helps improve health, mind, and body.


Following these tips will help you maximize your results while making your healthy change.


My 8 Best Fitness Tips:


Find Support and Accountability:

Support and accountability are keys to success so you can keep motivated.  Having someone hold you accountable will keep on the right track.  You need to have a plan for success so you can start making healthy eating choices.


Keeping track of facts lets you see what is working so you know where you need to make improvement.  Taking it step by step will keep you heading in the right direction so you can make healthy choices consistently.


Be Consistent:

What is optimal health?  Many believe ideal health and wellness is finding the perfect diet, or obtaining the ideal percentage of body fat.  What works for one person may not work for another.  There is no perfect diet.


These things are goals, you set for yourself.  It all comes down to the choices you make.  Consistently choosing to progress so you can achieve your goals is a necessity.


Steps!  As my salsa teacher says it’s like walking, right, left, right, left, one two three, five, six, seven.


Being consistent and achieving the smaller goals (steps) moves us toward healthy results in a manageable way.  We learn through repetition and consistency helps us make healthy choices naturally, and soon these choices become healthy habits.


Have a Plan:

If you have a purpose you need a plan.  It always helps to do things when you have a plan in mind because planning for positive change makes your chances for success higher.  You should allow for changes to your schedule for weather changes.


Don’t Forget To Stretch:

In the fast paced world we live in, it may tempt you to skip stretching before and after your workout.  There are no shortcuts, so don’t fall into temptation.  If you miss stretching you risk causing injuries that will disrupt your training, which can cause you to lose gains you worked so hard for.


Exercise to Music You Love:

Research shows listening to music you like increases dopamine levels, making you feel happier.  Put together a song list to exercise to.  Enjoy your workout with music that encourages you to work harder.



Cross training mixes several exercises into one.  It works all your muscles and helps reduce injuries.


Try Something New:

Switch up your workout when you have been in the same routine for a while.


Track the Facts:

Successful people keep track of the facts.  Those who have lost and kept weight off do this too.  There is no better motivator than seeing your progress on record.  It is a reminder of how much you have achieved.


This will encourage you to keep your fitness schedule and make new goals as you achieve current ones.  It will help you see what causes you to get off track, and is a great way to see your accomplishments.


Tracking everything from calories, portion, sizes, time exercising, and sizes lost can help you succeed.  A word of caution; don’t get too caught up in the numbers because obsessing about them can be damaging or cause you to forget the big pictures.


To get the body you have always dreamed of follow these tips.


Exercise doesn’t have to be hard and can be fun.  This is a way of life with me!  If you are ready to begin a fitness routine for a healthier life and amazing results, connect with me to find out how you may get me as your accountability coach.


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