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Become a part of EFBN Team, and get paid to provide your clients with cutting edge valuable supplementation and fitness information that will help your clients achieve their fitness goals.


Why Partner with Elite Fitness By Nutrition Team?

First of all, our customer service, on-time delivery and order accuracy rate is the best in the business. So you can rest assured that partnering with us is a sound decision. In today’s interconnected world a business cannot function or grow successfully without an amazing support team dedicated to providing the world’s best products and service to its customers. That’s our commitment and promise! We know that once you implement our program successfully, you’ll be able to add a steady stream of income into your life and you’ll want to continue to grow and prosper with us! You are our priority because your success is our success.







REFERRAL PROGRAM: Absolutely FREE, earn 25% profit on each sale, no hidden fees.


Help your clients reach their health, fitness, and appearance goals through information, motivation, and supplementation. As you recommend a meal and supplementation plan for them to achieve their goals safely and quickly.


COACH PROGRAM: One time $70 fee, earn 25-50% profit on each sale, no hidden fees.

Once you have made the decision to become a Coach, you will be given a unique affiliate ID. This ID will give you access to the product shipment center and all of the business tools available for you to grow your business, also your personalized e-commerce website so that your clients can buy directly from you. Your profit margin ranges from 25% to 50% profit, this allows you to increase you current client revenue limitless without making your services be more expensive to the client. This is unheard of in our industry.


Third, our Bonus & Commission is one of the highest in the industry! There is an additional bonus structure that will be paid to you separately from your sales profit. We understand that your business will grow and you will probably not have the manpower to handle the demand, so you will probably do what most corporations do open additional business in other areas. We will teach you how to expand your business with very little to no capital invested and this will pay you this additional bonus structure. There is no limit to what you can make with our program!


Fourth, get all the benefits that entrepreneurs do without the risk and capital down.

  • You don’t have to stock or ship inventory.
  • You don’t have to deal with manufacturing products or deal with special permits and insurance issues.
  • You earn a generous 25% to 50% commission all orders.
  • You earn an additional 25% to 42% for every additional Coach that works with you or on any preferred customer referral.



• You have the opportunity to take your current fitness business to the next level, giving you the freedom to duplicate your income and your services. This leads you to not only making more money but also more free time to enjoy your additional income and new lifestyle.


• You have access to state of the art tools to help you grow your business, and they are all already in place for and easy to use.


Lastly, We don’t have any weird rules that try to limit your success. You can use as much or little of our product content as seems appropriate for your personal website, and send as many emails promoting the products as aggressively as you like. From the moment your referral has its first interaction with us, they will be treated with the utmost level of professionalism and courtesy. Our entire philosophy is based on providing an error-free and smooth customer experience.


Contact us to get more info and let our team help you design the best plan for you.


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