How Meal Planning Helps You Stay Healthy.

Many people start a diet and after losing weight they quickly gain the weight back.  They never plan, eating whatever and whenever they want.  Without accountability and discipline it is easy to see why they fail at sticking to a diet.  Meal planning helps you stay healthy and never go off your diet.


Your meal planning doesn’t have to be a chore, and take lots of your time.   Regardless of the season, holidays or not. Using a healthy meal planning approach, you can quickly and easily plan your meals.  Here are some quick tips to meal prepping and planning.


Meal Planning Quick Tips


Learn to read labels

Look at the top of the label and start with the serving information.  This is going to let you know the serving size and the number of servings in the package.  Pay attention to the amount of calories each serving has and avoid saturated and trans fats as much as possible.  You want to make sure you get enough protein, fiber, and other beneficial vitamins and minerals.

Know Your Maximum Caloric Intake

Your body gets energy from the food you eat and you need energy to go about your daily activities.  The energy in food we count as calories and any excess or lack becomes your weight gain or loss.  Not all calories are the same though because carbs, fats, and proteins play different nutritional functions. Most adults that live a non-active lifestyle burn about 1200 to 1600 calories per day, if you consume more than you burn you gain weight or maintain the weight and body type you currently have.





This image to the right seems like a healthy meal plan BUT it’s hiding a lot of fattening and unhealthy foods contributing to that overflowing muffin top we wish to eliminate. (find your number from your fitness coach)
Use Resources

Take advantage of the pre-cut vegetables, ready made salad greens, and rotisserie chicken so you can save you time when you are prepping your food.  You can find recipes that are easy to make and nutritious on the computer or in magazines.  Find enough of them so you can vary your meals over time so meal times don’t become routine.
Use a Meal Plan Calendar

Meal planning will make things easier for you but you need to be organized.  Using a meal plan calendar lets you keep your recipe for your meals and your grocery list in one place.  When you start cooking it helps to have everything you need.  Your meal planning calendar helps you with the biggest part of the job and saves you time and makes it easy.
Keep Healthy Food at Home

Keeping healthy food in your pantry and stored in your freezer lets you create quick dishes like soups, pasta, or curry.  Things like fruits, vegetables, fish, whole grain products, beans, and whatever spices you like to use.
Prep Once or Twice a Week.

Prep foods you use to cook with like onions, bell peppers, garlic, etc. in advance so you can save time when you get ready to cook.  When you are cooking cook extra rice and put it away for making fried rice and the same with meats cook enough for another meal of fajitas.  For those people who get enough protein add some protein powder while you are cooking and make one dish meals.
Find a Health Coach

Many personal health coaches offer free or inexpensive services so they can help people make positive changes in their lives. The help their clients educate themselves to make positive choices in achieving health goals.

You always hear about different diets or the next big thing in weight loss. With so much conflicting nutritional advice, and false expectations, going to a health coach makes sense.

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By:   Moraima Buonafede


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