Muscle Up In 4 Weeks: An Action Plan to a Leaner You!

Muscle building is not just an sign of strength but of overall fitness.  Men, especially like to build muscles as fast, and they work twice as hard to get them in every way.


There are many books, guides, and videos published to this subject since before the internet.  Today you see fitness centers, gyms, and mobile coaches helping others achieve their dreams of muscle building.  People approach muscle building in different ways.  Some try old school methods, others try new age methods.  One way that helps you build muscles is maintaining a healthy diet.


There are no shortcuts, no matter which method you choose.  Muscle building takes consistency and patience.


Muscle Up In 4 Weeks! Your Fall Action Plan To Get Stronger, Leaner, Hotter

Did you make the decision to change your body?  You need to position yourself and arrange your schedule so it makes it easier for you to stay dedicate.  There is a chance if you don’t do this, that you will be discouraged and get nothing from this.

My workouts were initially very scripted.  I found that if I didn’t like a particular exercise, it’s okay to find another one equally beneficial for that muscle. As time goes on you will learn multiple exercises for the same body part.


Most people think they need to get fanatical when it comes to working out and some people do, but you don’t need to do the exact same exercise every time; As a result, you may get bored too soon and stop altogether, instead focus on reaching small and achievable goals on a monthly basis.


This way you will consistently be progressing and getting closer to your fitness goals, this small satisfaction will propel you to continue outputting the effort toward achieving the ultimate body transformation.

Losing Motivationscreen-shot-2016-09-26-at-3-22-39-pm

I get bored easily, so I have to constantly change my workouts keep my workouts to keep them fresh.  There were a few times when I found myself losing my motivation to train.  I learned that changing my workouts monthly helps so you don’t get bored too soon.  Having or getting  someone as a gym buddy so you can join their routine for a few weeks, will help you do this.   You never know you may learn some new workouts.


The Gym is Not Always The Answer

If you don’t feel like going to the gym on a particular day, then It’s okay if you don’t.  Instead go out and do a fun physical activity like a group class, play a sport, or go play some laser tag.   The good cardio will amaze you, and your body will enjoy the change of pace.  Just go out there and have some fun and enjoy the outdoors. 


Feel Like Staying Home?

Don’t forget to check out our Workouts on The Go under Resouce Center here, here you will find a vast array of workouts, warm-ups, stretches that can help you keep active.



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