Your Sexiest Bod ever with the Eat Clean Lifestyle

The eat clean lifestyle has transformed the way people have trained for the past several years.   Fitness and strength athletes have gotten ripped in bodybuilding competitions with it.  Gymnasts and high school football players depend on good nutrition to give them performance and energy to excel at their activity.

At first glance, there doesn’t seem to be much connection between the bodies of ordinary folks and those who flexed the powerful muscles onstage.  The common thread between these athletes and regular people is the choice to live an eat clean lifestyle.  How does a diet reach across the landscape of so many different body types with the same results?


The world Health organization has coined a new but aptly descriptive word called “Globesity” describing what is happening to the human body worldwide.  Obesity has become a serious epidemic, due to the poor quality foods and bigger portion sizes.

No one is immune, and obesity affects everyone, every race, gender, and age.  For the first time in history, there is a chance we will outlive our children.  There has to be a better way!  Our children’s health depends on it.  If we don’t change the way we live soon, the consequences will be dire and devastating.


The decision to eat poor quality food is resulting in increasing body shapes.  Food like you get in drive- through restaurants, convenience stores, fast food establishments and even in some schools across the country, but many people struggling with weight issues are discovering a different way to eat.  A new way of thinking about food.

They discover a powerful and effective way to lose weight at a healthy rate all while eating more.


What is the Eat Clean Lifestyle?

The food we eat is responsible for shaping our body types. Yes, the food!  The eat clean lifestyle is not a diet.   It’s a lifestyle and this way of eating is not going away anytime soon. I know if you are serious about regaining your vitality, feeling and looking better then you will be serious and respectful of the foods you eat.


The eat clean lifestyle is your chance to reclaim your life, your health, and your well-being. No one wants to be heavy and it’s hard carrying excess weight around.  There is an infinite joy to be had in eating clean and living a helpful, healthful life.


If you are tired of being sick and tired, fat, grumpy, depressed, overlooked, drained of energy, uninterested  and more, then you should embrace eating clean.  Become part of the tide of change that brings health and wellness back so we can make the world a better place.  After all the human body was made to walk swiftly through a forest or stroll lightly beside a stream.

  Putting our trust in eating the most nutrient rich foods to deliver us back to health may sound like a simple.


So how do you eat clean?


If you doubt the power of eating clean, try it for a few weeks then go back to eating sugar-loaded, over processed, chemically charged foods.  Then tell me how you feel!  People report, after trying it, they can’t believe how sick they felt. The incredible energy they felt about eating clean begin to disappear with every bite of poisonous food, Leaving them wilting on the couch. Sometimes we don’t know how good something is until we give it up!


You need to eat more of the right kinds of food and you need to eat whole foods, minimize anything that comes in a box or a can or with high preservatives.

The more natural and close to its natural form the better it is for you.


The beautiful body healthy formula

80% nutrition + 10% training + 10% genetic = Beautiful & Healthy Body

eat clean lifestyle percentages

Virtually everybody thinks that you will get a nice body with 10% nutrition in 80% working out and I have to admit that before I learned about this concept I thought the same thing too. I don’t believe that you have to be genetically gifted to get a killer body, but you do have to be clear on your goals and make the decision that you will lead a clean, healthy lifestyle despite any circumstances.


Food is the primary factor in shaping your physique and constantly eating healthy food naturally grown, high-protein and fibers your minerals and vitamins from naturally on processed food can lead to an incredible physique and unbelievable Health benefits and energy.


Eat clean principles

Here’s a brief explanation of each of the principals. Try not to let these words bug you down. These principles are as easy to follow as brushing your teeth and combing your hair. If you decide right now to embrace just one of these principles you will immediately be living a healthier lifestyle.  That’s because each one of these principles isn’t powered in entirely don’t doables. Imagine what could happen if you cement in your mind that you will accept them all right now! Look out world– here You Come!   You can eat more six small meals a day

eat clean lifestyle basicsTips:

  • Carry a cooler packed with clean food
  • Get to know food, be curious of what food really means, do you know how many grams of protein are in an egg?, How much fiber is an apple?, Or what’s the difference between carbohydrates in your favorite bagel and carbohydrates in your favorite veggies?
  • Depend on fruits, vegetables and whole grains for complex carbohydrates
  • Stick to proper portion sizes
  • Learn how to read a nutrition label


What to expect from eating clean

Another fab diet? Why should defer to this one from the plethora of diets that seem to emerge every week? The honest answer is that eating clean is the simple solution to the overweight dilemma. Always look up the nutritional values of those foods that seem so healthy, just because they’re easy to grab on the go, and be careful you may be consuming more damaging content than good.


By: Moraima Buonafede



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